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Its all Steel n Concrete , Subscribe its a hell of a project.

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  • Loads More to do but this Is my best project i think, so glad you've all enjoyed it and see you in the next instalments, Subscribe so you don't miss a thing.

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    • Love your work

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    • secrone.info/video/hst6qs3Fr4hyar8/video.html Skip to 19:09 (or watch it all - it’s pretty interesting) - Anyway…I’d love to see yours 🤣

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  • This guy is a legend doing what we all wish we could do.. totally want one myself Colin how about it 😉😉, Good luck keep it going my eyes are glued !!

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  • Loving this project as with any of your videos. I have to ask though - no painting of the steel, or coating. I'm not seeing any drainage going in - and seeing condensation already on the panels - what are you doing to mitigate water?

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  • You're killing me, smalls! PART 5!!! NOW!!!

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  • Does anyone know the dimensions and thickness of the square rail bars he uses as the structure ?

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  • You MUST put artificial windows and sun down there. DIY Perks have made realistic sunlight (secrone.info/video/acOhd9SqjKuBmt0/video.html), and it would be fantastic down there. You will never come up again.

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  • World comes slowly to an end as we knew it. Colin Furze not so secretly builds an underground bunker with tunnel corridors....🤔 Well played Mr. Furze, well played indeed!

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  • I’ve been looking to post something unrelated but can’t find a suitable place. Got a possibly great idea and for you wouldn’t need a lot of time I’m sure. As you’re a musician and a fan of AC/DC, I’m hoping you’re also keen on ZZ Top so in celebration of Dusty Hills life and times, how about building “The Colin Furze Guitar Spinner?”

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  • Absolutely incredible work, the bunker and the tunnel are what dreams are made of top top top top stuff 👌

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  • I love when she said he's digging a secret underground tunel whlist filming everything and publishing

  • Are you anticipating any water/damp issues, have you had any problems like that in the bunker?

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    • I came here wondering this as well. He was pretty quick with the first episodes now just stopped hope he’s okay or no issues with the law for making the tunnel.

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  • This is definitely my favorite series on SEcrone

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  • Minecraft irl

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    • Bot

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    • Well~

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    • @Harry Smokes I know but he does has kids and deserves to spend the summer holidays with them

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    • @Josh slap bang in the middle of a new series ? Seems abit stupid tbf

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    • He said he’s taking a break for a bit

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  • 4 meters? that dont sound to deep!!! i would of digged 10-20ft, but well u cant really go to far down around here, we sit on top of a rock hard hill!!! 4meters sounds Great!!! better than a crawl space... 😬 nevermind disregard this comment... 👻

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  • I'm a new subscriber. ✌👋 Seen the wood burning lawnmower video.

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  • Well~

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  • Where did you go? Someone send a search party!

  • I've loved watching you digging your secret tunnel and looking forward to the next stage of the tunnel. But how do you know if you going in the right direction to the house and bunker ? I would love to do something like that myself but love watching the videos.

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  • You are very talented with that mig you have there,this is so fascinating to watch and imagine that your building it for me lol🤣🤣, you are also very motivating to watch, makes me want to run out and start digging in my own backyard, which I actually did. Small project I had...can't wait till the next one comes out keep up the great work...!!!!

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  • 16:21 It's amazing how quickly people forget about Root Cellars existing.

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  • I really don't understand though; why put the concrete already? why make it look kinda "finished" already? This looks like a bad idea, it's a bit early in the making of this tunnel, won't it make it harder to dig the rest and put more concrete around it afterwards?

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    LB LBLB LB3 dagar sedan
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